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Confession of a Russian Sinner (How to make money in Russia)   By Tamara Alexeeva     LETTER   Dear       ,   My name is Tamara Alexeeva, I am a professional Russian writer, a member of several writers’ associations and an Anton Chekhov medal winner for the contribution to Russian prose. Confession of a Russian […]


Tamara Alexeeva Snegirichka Fairy-tale Winter came. In the morning, the yard where Kutya The Puppy lived looked transformed. At first, he thought little doves had appeared in the skies. Their ruffled feathers trembled and their bright whiteness sparkled as they landed softly on the branches, benches, and pathways. Oh, no! Had white sheep been shorn […]


Compulsive Gambling, or a love story   I dedicate my crying to all                                                                                                              women, of all colors, in the                                                                                                              hope that at least one of its                                                                                                             sounds will reach the hidden                                                                                                                       home… Introduction   I was never been interested in compulsive gambling. I saw the slot machines […]


Tamara Alekseeva Confession of a Russian Sinner                           (How to make money in Russia)       I loved this woman… I still don’t understand where this kind of tenderness comes from. She was badly ill. The doctors diagnosed a severe form of schizophrenia. For many years, I was her psychotherapist… She used to tell me […]


I had conflicting thoughts. They wanted to make a movie based on to my book. But I was not given the lead role. It was unbearable. First, the book is almost autobiographical, I described my own life in it, so who if not would play the main character? Secondly, the dream to play in a […]


Anya returned to this town several years later, because there lived her fairy tale there. There lived the one who loved her. He has always loved her from the very childhood. Despite anything. When she wanted to be strong this daydream, this fantasy often turned into the illusion, and she seized at it with her […]


My husband was born in a professor’s family, while I was village-born. I didn’t even plan to move to town, but it didn’t turn out the way I thought. My Mum and I, we had large front and back gardens – you could work until you dropped, besides, we had some live-stock, like it should […]


“Is she going to die?” Nurse Verochka asked me. “She is,” I replied with an unconcealed anger. Why was she so nosy? What did she have to do with it? She saw the patient only once. The drips were put by Tatiana Sergeyevna, the head nurse. I had her do it… There was no chance. […]


My story took place on March 7, on the Eve of Women’s Day[1], and entangled me with the great clairvoyant, Vanga[2], forever. But I will start from the very beginning. I’m a primary school teacher, who used to sell fruit at the local market. It was during the 1990s when everything was topsy-turvy in Russia, […]


There was no reason to stay alive. None. Alexander was standing on the roof of a fifteen-storey building. It was the third time he had come here and was now dead sure that he would not come back to Life. He had lost not one or two but all his stands in life. He turned […]